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Data Analysis

chartBring us your experiment data and together we will explore ways to answer your questions using bioinformatics methods and tools.

We specialize in array platforms, but other analytical platforms and even whole genomic analysis are also performed.

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Computing Resources


We have installed state-of-the-art scientific computing facilities that allow us to accomplish heavy computing tasks.

The computing farm allows almost 3 million CPU hours of computation per year.

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Bioinformatics Tools


As part of our service offer, we develop bioinformatics software tools that help our users to better analyze and understand their data.

We also host in our servers a number of public and private external tools to facilitate and speed the access to our users.

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Training Courses


We periodically organize Bioinformatics courses and workshops for CNIO biologists, covering both technical and practical topics.

You can always check course schedule and previous courses learning material in this page.

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