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About the Bioinformatics Unit

The Bioinformatics Unit is a team of skilled biologists, bioinformaticians and engineers dedicated to support CNIO researchers with their computational analysis needs. We focus on computational Analysis services and Software Tools development, provide a modern Scientific Computing infrastructure, and periodically organize Training courses. 

Over the last decade Bioinformatics has evolved into a complex multidisciplinary field that integrates developments in information and computer technology as applied to Biotechnology and Biological Sciences.

In this context, the Bioinformatics Unit at the CNIO responds to specific requirements related to experimental data analysis, management, integration, visualisation, mining, knowledge extraction, especially in relation to high throughput (HT) methodologies, using computer software and hardware tools.


  • To implement a service Unit to meet the needs of CNIO faculty through modern computational biology services and resources
  • To develop bioinformatic solutions to facilitate storage, management and analysis of experimental data
  • To better facilitate access to biological data analysis methods through the provision of advice and training in Bioinformatics