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  • Bioinformatics Tools
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  • Data Analysis

    Bring us your experiment data and together we will explore ways to answer your questions using bioinformatics methods and tools.

    We specialize in array platforms, but other analytical platforms and even whole genomic analysis are also performed.

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  • Training Courses

    Specialised training is paramount in improving access to complex, novel statistical and computational methods. We periodically organise courses and workshops, covering both technical and practical topics such as parallel computing, hardware accelerated homologous sequence identifications, web services technologies in Bioinformatics, programmatic access to genome databanks, and a highly successful “Functional Analysis in DNA Arrays Experiments” course.

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  • Scientific Computing

    The nature and volume of biological databases, along with the computational methods that model complex biological systems, all require processing power that cannot be achieved using desktop workstations alone.

    The Unit has installed state-of-the-art scientific computing facilities, including a prototype machine resembling the MareNostrum supercomputer. Currently the complete computing farm comprises more than 350 processors, 0.33Tb of RAM memory, and 15Tb of storage space, allowing almost 3 million CPU hours of computation per year.

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